The Long Term Effects Podcast 050

You know what they say……   50’s the new 50………..   Notching up our 50th Episode this week couldn’t have come at a finer time with some seriously tight productions seemingly throwing themselves at us!  Remixes from Ewan Rill, Gonza Rodriguez & a rock solid remix of Lights by Ryan Luciano – giving the SOHN release from 2014 full respect.  But it was the Originals that really rocked our socks this week – Quivver, James Gill, Dimitry Molosh, Donatello, Chicola, rAin, Jaska Pavicevic & Following Light (to name a few) dropped some absolute weapons!  Get amongst it and don’t forget your party hats people!

The Long Term Effects Podcast 050 – 16th April 2016

Chris Meehan & Jayson Holden – The Long Term Effects – Live recorded at the Kiss FM Melbourne Studio…..

Part 1: Jayson
Part 2: Chris
Part 3: Back2Back

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The Long Term Effects Podcast 050 Tracklisting

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